Prices and booth styles
This is the conventional exhibition form based on face-to-face business negotiations between exhibitors and buyers. In three days, we have set a package that you can exhibit at a reasonable price of 150,000 yen, and conveniently by just bringing in products, It is an opportunity to easily exhibit from even just one product item or, according to various purposes and applications such as announcement of new product, expanding new sales networks, once-a-year greetings, etc.

Fee:1booth space (2.0m×2.0m) 150,000yen (excl. tax) ※raw space only

・Official Discounts over 6 compartments:3%、over 10 compartments:5%、over 20 compartments:10%
・ In addition to the decoration plan (from 30,000yen~), which allows exhibitors to simply bring their products to the exhibition, we can also support your exhibition by producing original designs on your behalf, including special decorations and exhibition design production (panels, etc.).
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Agent Exhibition Service
■What is the agent exhibition service?
  This is a convenient way for exhibitors to take care of everything from setup to operation without having to visit the venue. If you send us the products, posters, pamphlets, etc. in advance and indicate your request, the substitute staff will stand at the booth during the exhibition period to distribute the pamphlets, promote the products, collect business cards of interested buyers and business negotiations, and send them to us. It is a service that enables remote and smart exhibitions, such as connecting business negotiations online and using mobile phones upon request.
■Image diagram
■Price list
Plan A
Product display + agent
Exhibition fee

・Exhibition space (W2.0 × D2.0m)
・Booth setup service, closing service
・buyer businesscards and comment collection
・companion × 1 person
・Wall panel × 2 sheets, company name plate × 1 sheet
・Table ( W1.8m x D0.6m) x 1 unit
・noble name receiver x 1
Plan B
Product display + agent + tasting / tasting offer
Exhibition fee

・Exhibition space (W2.0 × D2.0m)
・Booth setup service, closing service
・buyer businesscards and comment collection
・companion × 1 person
・Wall panel × 2 sheets, company name plate × 1 sheet
・Table ( W1.8m x D0.6m) x 1 unit
・noble name receiver x 1
・Shared kitchen for tasting x 1 frame
・Tasting container x 1 set
Plan C
Product display + agent + remote exhibition
Exhibition fee

・Exhibition space (W2.0 × D2.0m)
・Booth setup service, closing service
・buyer businesscards and comment collection
・companion × 1 person
・Wall panel × 2 sheets, company name plate × 1 sheet
・Table ( W1.8m x D0.6m) x 1 unit
・noble name receiver x 1
・electrical work (up to 100V1.0kW)
・Monitor (32inch) ×1
・PC (include communication cost) ×1
・WEB camera × 1
Exhibitor presentation
 For a wide range of purposes such as seminars, academic societies, conferences, training, etc., you can promote companies and products in the conference room that can accommodate a small to large number of people in the "Seafood Show Tokyo" venue. Advance notice is widely given on the Seafood Show website, DM, etc. After the event, we will provide a list of attendees.
■Price list
Small meeting room
(capacity of about 20-30 people)

Useage (2 hours, including preparation and withdrawal)
・40 chairs (include spare)
・1 projector
・1 screen
・1 podium
・1 rostrum
Medium meeting room
(capacity of about 50 people)

Useage (2 hours, including preparation and withdrawal)
・50 chairs (include spare)
・1 projector
・1 screen
・1 podium
・1 rostrum
Large conference room
(capacity of about 100 people)

Useage (2 hours, including preparation and withdrawal)
・90 chairs (include spare)
・1 projector
・1 screen
・1 podium
・1 rostrum
Exhibitors Profiles
Wild-caught and farmed fishes in Japan and overseas
Processed seafood products, Seafood delicatessen
Cut, grilled fish, boiled fish, salted fish, canned and preserved products, frozen foods, fries, marinated and smoked products, seafood delicatessen , kamaboko and surimi products, seaweed noodles, bonito flakes, kombu, etc.
Seasoning & Food additives
Various seasonings such as sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, salt, wasabi, ginger, vinegar, etc.
Seafood processing machinery and related equipment
Various seafood processing machines and related equipment such as cutters, slicers, dicers, mixer griller grills, bone-cutting machines, food filling machines, cleaning equipment, dryers, smoke machines, etc.
Freezer and refrigerated equipment
Freezing / refrigerating equipment, thawing technology, ice making equipment, etc.
Packaging / Logistics equipment service
Seafood packaging machinery, packaging materials, labeling machine, container, conveyor, seafood transport logistic, low temperature logistic technology, etc.
Equipment and services for HACCP countermeasures, food sanitation management device / equipment , technology
Sterilized water generator, seawater sterilizer, ultraviolet / far-infrared / ozone / microwave sterilizer, plant /engineering equipment for HACCP countermeasures, shutters, sheets, air showers, work clothes, masks, hats, hand washing equipment, various detergents / brushes / chemical agent, sterilization /sterilization equipment, sanitation management services, sanitary management materials
Fisheries industry, fisheries market modernization technology
Product management systems, market management systems, traceability, technology for extracting functional and pharmaceutical ingredients from marine products, technology for commercializing components extracted from marine products into pharmaceuticals, beauty products and functional foods, and electronics and electronics fields extracted from marine products Technology to develop products applied to marine products, functional products born from marine products
Kitchen equipment and cooking utensils
Kitchen equipment and cooking utensils such as kitchen knives, cutting boards, wraps, stoves, microwave ovens, sinks, fish-related products display cases, frozen showcases, various trays, POP and product display support products
Sushi Business
Rice cooking robot, Conveyor belt for rotation-sushi, Sushi Rice molding, Rice cooker, Supports for Sushi outlets and business
Recirculating aquaculture technology, Marine aquaculture technology
Aquaculture management system, water quality management / measurement instrument, ultraviolet ray / ozone sterilization equipment, fishing ground / fish farm / marine environment conservation equipment, filter / water purification equipment / water quality improvement agent, aquarium, live fish transport equipment / technology, feed / nutrient / Filtration products, fishing nets and fish net feeding equipment / epidemiological related / seed and seedling related, underwater cameras, fishing boats and related equipment
Biomass technology for fishery and recycling technology
Fishery incineration facilities / related equipment, fish ash / shell processing facilities / related equipment, garbage processing machines, styrofoam / plastic / ball-cut volume reduction / treatment facilities / related equipment, wastewater treatment facilities / equipment, various waste treatment services, Biomass and recycling technology in fisheries
Printed Material
Cookbook, recipe collection, illustrated reference book
Visitos Profiles
  • Retail Trade
  • Mail order business
  • Food services
  • Accommodation (hotel - inn)
  • Meal services
  • Food Processing/ Manufacturing
  • Catering industry
  • Medical, Welfare & Nursing Facility
  • Market / Wholesale
  • Food Trading company /Food Wholesaler
  • Food export trading company
  • Logistics / Transportation
  • Fishing and aquaculture
  • Municipalities and administrative bodies
  • Education and research institutions
  • Related technologies
  • Press
Data of Last Show
Visitors data
Total number of visitors

Nov.8, 2021(Mon)   


   (3,112 in 2020)

Nov.9, 2021(Tue)   


    (3,151 in 2020)

Nov.10, 2021(Wed)  


    (3,163 in 2020)




  (9,426 in 2020)

※The number of visitors who registered at the reception.
A registered person who visited the Expo for three days is counted as one visitor.

Benefits of exhibiting
The Japan International Seafood & Technology EXPO aims to organise face-to-face meetings between Japanese and foreign exhibitors and buyers.
To make it easier for more companies to exhibit each year, the exhibition fee is set at a reasonableprice of 150,000 yen for three days. Some packages allow exhibitors to simply bring in their products, so if you are a small business and are worried about exhibiting, please consider taking advantage of this kind of support.
This annual event makes it easy for exhibitors to showcase even the smallest of items for a variety of purposes, such as new product launches, new sales channel development, once-a-year greetings, etc.
The buyers who visit the exhibition are exclusively seafood-related professionals, so not only are numerous business meetings held each year, but we also receive much positive feedback from visitors that they have signed contracts.
We hope you will consider exhibiting.
Flows to exhibiting (application period and application procedure)
■Exhibitor application deadline

■Various application deadlines
  ・Company and exhibitor information.
  ・Booth decoration related, equipment, kitchen equipment, etc.

■Various application deadlines
  ・Tasting(food/drink)、 Fire / Hazardous materials
  ※If you have any additions after the deadline, please download the PDF and fill in the form.

■Date of carrying in
   Aug, 22(Mon)13:00-17:00 (tentative)
  Aug, 23(Tue) 9:00-17:00 (tentative)
  ※Please contact the Secretariat if you wish to bring in special decorations or other items earlier.

■The Japan International Seafood & Technology EXPO
  Aug, 24(Wed)-26(Fri)
  10:00-17:00(※ Until 16:00 on the last day only.)

■Date of carrying out
  Aug, 26(Fri) 16:00-20:00 (tentative)


Endoser/Co-operated Organization