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Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo

🐟御社の用途に合った製品を ご提供致します🐟(別注、特注あり) まな板加工時の端材を再加工したものだから 環境に優しく安心安全! 日本製の高品質プラスチック製品です◎ 水産加工工場様向け 身欠き台、荷捌き台、まな板。 漁協様向け船舶用甲板 リポリ。

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HACCPに特化! 安心安全の日本自社工場で生産しております。(SDS安全データ取得認証品) 特注オーダーも承ります! 木材品からプラスチック製品に切り替えて 衛生管理の整った設備に◎

Seafood processing equipment
Raw materials:
Immunity improvement and health support Functional foods derived from fish Regional brands and specialty products Local cuisine, fisherman's dish Highly-fresh seafood products utilizing freshness keeping technologies and distribution methods Processed products Inbound and export support Convenient food Single meal Nursing care and medical food Home delivery and meal kit Sustainable seafood Sushi and Japanese food Osechi (New Year dishes) Oseibo (Year-end gift) Ochugen (Summer gift) Labor-saving
Acquired authentication:
Haccp EU HACCP Regional and prefectural HACCP
Export target areas:
Retailing Mail order business Accommodation Meal services Catering industry Medical, Welfare and Nursing Care Facilities hotel - inn, and facilities Food processing and manufacturing Fisheries and Unions Aquaculture and unions Import and trade Administrative and academic institutions
Export targets:
Asia Africa North America South America Europe